42 Inch Bathroom Vanities Plans

Mar 26th

42 Inch Bathroom Vanities – At one point the vanity was the centerpiece of the bathroom. Before modern plumbing and toilets were common items in the shower, ornate cupboards held jugs and bowls for washing, brushing and combing sets. Today, many people equip their bathrooms with cheap, utilitarian cabinets and call it done. But if you create your own vanity from a quality piece of furniture like a chest of drawers or chest, your bathroom may be viewing the space of times gone by.


Select a chest or chest of drawers with a few drawers or a deep upper drawer so that plumbing fits. Scroll usually white butcher paper over a hard, flat surface. Turn the 42 Inch Bathroom Vanities upside down and place on top of paper with a 3 “replacement on the back. Mark the back contribution with a pen; that’s where plumbing will be. Use a pen to trace around the chest so that the contours of it are on the butcher’s paper. Write notes on paper to remind you of support boards and external fixtures.

Turn the breast right side up and move it on the paper. Cut out a template for your 42 Inch Bathroom Vanities using cardboard. Place the template where the sink will be within the contour of the chest. Trace around the zinc template with a pen. Remove the template and draw a sketch to show where to cut into the chest for smaller bowl in the sink. Cut out the entire counter top contour and the smaller contour inside it with a knife. Tape the mold on top of the chest where the sink should go. Trace along inner scrap with chalk so you can see it. Scale the template and remove it.Plans for bathroom vanities,

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