Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Modern

Jan 29th

Today we are going to talk about the bathroom ceiling lighting. We will see what are the trends in interior lighting and the most advanced technologies of today. Do not miss our selection of fifty images and take useful ideas that you can apply in your own home.

The bathroom needs a general light, the closest thing to natural, as well as focal or spotlighting for areas such as the sink. The bathroom ceiling lighting, due to the characteristics of the room. Implies certain safety requirements such as taking into account. The degree of protection to water and humidity (IP) of the lights. Or choosing a technology of rapid ignition and that support continuous extinguished and lit.

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The location of the lights is a very important detail to consider. The bathroom is the place where we perform most of the daily hygiene practices. And for this, you need a fairly powerful and clear lighting. So it is advisable to place the ceiling lamps in the places closest to the mirrors, washbasins, shower cabins and bathtubs. In the image above we can see a design of bathroom ceiling lighting that belongs to the Prolog e collection of the firm Kreon. The name of this collection is inspired by the creator of the musical notation Guido de Arezzo. And claims to provide the interiors with new concepts of light.

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