Bathroom Framed Mirrors Ideas

Jan 21st

Bathroom Framed Mirrors – Break traditional rules, and use your old bathroom mirror in an outdoor space. Hang the mirror on a fence, and put a flower box in front of it to create an impression of a window through the fence, which is especially effective in a very small garden. For an illusion that will make passers see twice, remove the frame.

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Mount the Bathroom Framed Mirrors on a steady wooden stand and place it in the middle of a garden. The mirror will reflect the plants around it, and the frameless appearance will make it seem to disappear and pop up again, depending on the viewing angle.


If you’re not superstitious, make a mosaic of an old bathroom mirror. Break the Bathroom Framed Mirrors, using a hammer and a metal spike to control the lines. Try to break the glass into an interesting pattern with a variety of large and small pieces. Find a piece of light wood that is slightly larger than the original mirror, and paint it a solid color. Arrange the mirror plays on the board and leave a space in between so that the color is visible. Glue the pieces down, and hang the mosaic on the wall for an interesting, broken reflection.

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