Bathroom Lighting Ideas Modern

Jan 20th

Bathroom lighting ideas – Having the right lighting in the whole house is very important to create a comfortable and beautiful interior atmosphere. This applies to all rooms in the house, including the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that should not be missed when designing the interior. There are 4 types of lighting needed to produce the best lighting in the bathroom, namely task, accent, decorative, and sparkle.

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Decorative bathroom lighting ideas add visual sparkle. Use a pendant lamp in a square bathroom. Hidden lighting, such as behind the ceiling, can provide a darker atmosphere, suitable for the bathtub area that requires calm and comfort. For the sink area, use direct lighting because you need bright lighting in this area. Accent lights provide special lighting for artwork or flower vases that you use as decorative accents in the bathroom. It’s easy not to arrange to light in the bathroom?

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Bright and sharp colors are your secret interior design bathroom lighting ideas weapons when you have to create natural light in a windowless bathroom. Stay away from the dark end of the color spectrum; instead, color your walls with warm, pale colors, such as buttercup yellow, pink and aqua blue beach shades. Choose a color with two or three brighter tones for your wall and ceiling trim. Also, limit the room and create visual contrast, this will keep the view from a dark angel.

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