Floating Bathroom Vanities ideas

Jan 26th

Floating Bathroom Vanities gives an open and airy feel to the bathroom by allowing a clean image of the entire floor. This makes cleaning the bathroom an easier task and reduces the number of corners and spots for dirt and worms to accumulate. Raising vanity from the floor requires wall mounted plumbing and can be adjusted to accommodate all arrangements of the wall pipes. The vanity can also be customized in height and depth to suit any disco setup, or can be doubled in width to fit a double-sink bathroom.

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Mounting Vanity

Set two half-by-18-by-32-inch side edges upright, Floating Bathroom Vanities parallel to each other on the work surface. Lower a half-through-18-through-24-inch top plate on top of them and arrange the boards so that the outer edges of the top board are all the way around with the outer surfaces of the side boards. Make holes every ten inches down through the top board and at the ends of the side boards. Push 1 1/2 inch wooden screw into each hole and pull them into place with the drill until the heads of the screws are aligned with the wood surface.

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Flip the assembled discs up and down and repeat the process with a half-through-18-through-24-inch bottom plate. Rotate the Floating Bathroom Vanities so that there is an open side facing upwards. Place a half-by-24-by-33-inch rear board on top of the previously mounted boards, making sure that the outer ends of the rear board are also seated with the outside of the adjacent boards. Drill evenly spaced holes every 14 inches around the edge of the rear board and into the adjacent boards. Secure the boards securely by placing 1 1/2-inch wooden screws in the holes and tighten them.

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